Printing for Business

Printing is a crucial part of the business world today. Whether you work in an office, factory, building site, or a shop, there always seems to be a need for a printer to produce important documents, quotes, invoices, receipts, rotas, business letters, envelopes and more.

Some firms choose to hire the services of a professional printing company to print any important documents to avoid having to buy a printer of their own. Obviously there are pros and cons to both options, for example for professional printing you only pay for what you print but using your own printer requires a large initial outlay fee and maintenance costs. However, having your own printer means you can print documents at any time day or night, and therefore you have more freedom and can work to closer deadlines.

If you are considering investing in a large, floor standing printer or copier, or you need to buy a number of printers for your offices, then read on for our handy hints to choosing business printers:

  • Firstly it is worth finding someone who is experienced in buying and using printers, say your office IT technician, and ask them for advice on what type of printer you will need to keep your business operating efficiently. If you can bring this expert along when you're looking for a printer then you're likely to find the one you want much quicker.
  • Don't just buy from the first shop you go in. Talk to advisers in a number of stores, tell them what you need the printer for and then let them point out ones they think are suitable and ask them why. At this stage you should also get a list of prices.
  • When you're choosing a printer don't forget to ask about the consumables and other service issues that are associated with it. You will probably need to replace the toner/ink on a regular basis so ask how much refills are for each printer, as these costs can mount up.

If, on the other hand, you want to use a professional printing company's services then there are a number to choose from in the UK. To use the services of a professional printing company you will need to provide them with artwork formats, original documents, logos, etc, so they can do the job properly. To ensure you choose the best one for your needs ring or visit the ones operating in your locality and ask them for a quote for the job.